LEMO has expanded its proven M-Series portfolio with new configurations for high power requirements. These compact and lightweight designs are vibration resistant, reliable, safe and tested IP68 and Mil.

They combine robust, lightweight and compact M-Series enclosures with new, state-of-the-art gold-plated high-power outlets. Holding cables from 10 mm² (AWG 8) to 50 mm² (AWG 1), LEMO high-power connectors are available in various single-pole and multi-pole configurations for single- and three-phase requirements.

These new configurations are designed to meet the most stringent connection requirements for high power distribution of electronically powered electronic devices and vehicles. They are suitable for the most demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical solutions.

Reliable, safe, lightweight, robust and completely waterproof, the new M Series high power connectors offer the most comprehensive connectivity solutions, especially for robotics, motorsport, defense, aerospace and drones.

Operating at rated currents up to 430 A, the high-power M-Series configurations offer the highest power through the smallest case-sized connector on the market.


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High-power connectors from LEMO are IP68 and Mil-tested

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