Second generation Lenovo smartwatch replica

Best buy

We understand, waking up in the morning can be difficult, especially when you have to get up before the sun. If you haven’t used a smart alarm clock before, I can personally vouch that they are a game changer for your morning routine. And with 2nd generation Lenovo smartwatchyou get an alarm clock plus much more for 50% discount the original price – that is only $35.

The Lenovo watch comes with a four-inch smart LCD display that can show you not only the time, but also the time and your photos. You can wake up the alarm clock by saying “Hey Google” as it is designed with Chromecast built-in. In addition to Chromecast, it’s built to work with over 50,000 compatible devices from 5,000 brands, including Hue, Arlo, Google Nest, Apple, and more.

If you’re just getting ready for bed and want some white noise to help you fall asleep, you can always connect your smartphone to the watch to play some soothing sounds (or music or podcasts, too).

Although it comes in three colors, only the black model is on sale for 50% off. However, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for this watch. If you’ve been wanting to try a smart alarm clock at your price point, you should wake up to a better morning with this small but convenient device. We recommend I’m taking it today this is a daily deal from Best Buy and we don’t expect it to last past midnight.

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