Mobility startup Lime is looking to add electric motorcycles to its existing fleet of e-bikes and e-scooters. The company today starts pilot program in Long Beach, California for his personalized motorcycle, which he calls Citra. Lime spokesman Russell Murphy he said On the edge that the company plans to launch several hundred Citra motorcycles in the California city this summer, potentially exceeding up to 500 motorcycles if passengers are strong enough.

According to Lime’s description Citra’s design is designed for longer distances and combines “the convenience of riding an e-bike with the lightness of an e-scooter.” At least aesthetically, the Citra is definitely similar to both. battery, which is charged by the local operational team.The motorcycle is equipped with several useful features such as storage space for food, horn, front and rear turn signals and phone stand.

Lime hopes customers will look for alternative transportation methods like Citra in light of record high gas prices this summer. “Citra is the perfect way to save money on petrol, avoid wasting time in traffic and relieve the headache of looking for a car park this summer, and we are thrilled with its potential,” Lime President Joe Kraus said in a statement.

Mobility startups are struggling to prosper due to the resistance of local legislatures, safety failures and a drop in passengers during the pandemic. Some have resorted to termination personnel or cessation of operations to remain on the surface. As early as 2020, Lime cut a small part of its workforce and pulled out from Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, San Antonio and eight other cities outside the United States. Since then, the company has taken some steps – increase a A $ 523 million funding round last year and recently introduced Gen4 ebike.

But Lime and other mobility start-ups have not yet come out of the woods. Like Bloomberg notedelectronic scooter riding has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels.

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