The Louisville-Indiana Railroad (LIRC) has purchased the assets and operating rights of the former South Indiana Railroad (SIND) in the United States.

SIND is a short line located in the metropolitan area of ​​Louisville.

By 2020, SIND is providing customer service on its 5.5-mile line between Speed ​​and CSX Transportation in Watson of Indiana.

This April, the Land Transport Council paid tribute to the acquisition. The board said SIND was not working and existing employees were not affected by the deal.

LIRC President John Goldman said: “We see this as a way to expand our footprint.

“The existing track is maintained in accordance with FRA Class 1 standards and we will consider improvements and rehabilitation depending on the commercial opportunities we can create.

LIRC is a 106-kilometer short railroad that connects Indianapolis with Louisville. It has connections to CSX, Norfolk Southern, Indiana Rail Road and Paducah & Louisville.

SIND’s rail assets will be used by Louisville and Indiana to improve LIRC’s existing freight service.

It will include the transformation of SIND’s machine body into a road maintenance facility, as well as the surrounding rail material storage properties.

Other parts of SIND’s railway infrastructure will be used to extend the services to industrial sites.

Anacostia states that the South Indiana Railroad traced its history to the 1905 expansion of the Louisville & Northern Electric Traction Company, a long-distance line owned by Chicago utilities mogul Samuel Insul, and the subsequent sale in 1939 of part of the line to form the South Indiana Railroad. , which remained in operation until 2020.

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