Designed for consumer electronics applications, including tablets, robotic appliances and power tools.

Littelfuse, Inc.. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology company that enables a sustainable, connected and safer world, has announced the new ITV4030, a 22-amp series, three-pin, surface-mounted lithium-ion battery protectors.

These 4.0 x 3.0 mm devices protect the batteries from overcurrent and overcharging conditions. The innovative design uses built-in fuses and heating elements that provide fast response and reliable operation to break the charging or discharging circuit before the battery is recharged or overheated.

ITV4030 Battery Protector is ideal for use in a wide range of data communication interfaces for consumer electronics, including:

  • Tablets
  • Power tools
  • Robotic devices
  • E-bikes and electronic scooters
  • Emergency radios and eCall

“The ITV4030 is a 22 amp rated device that expands our ITV line of lithium-ion battery protectors to provide more opportunities for electronics designers,” said Stephen Lee, global product manager at Littelfuse. “Expanding our portfolio of three-terminal protectors for surface mount batteries allows us to provide these innovative solutions for a wider range of applications.”

The ITV4030 offers these key benefits:

  • The surface mount design simplifies automated PCB assembly processes.
  • UL and TUV certifications help ensure industry-compliant approvals.
  • The environmentally friendly component is halogen-free and RoHS compliant.

How it works: A built-in three-pin fuse breaks the circuit when overcurrent problems occur. A heating element built directly under the fuse generates enough heat to burn the fuse after recharging is detected by IC or FET.

The ITV4030 is available in tape and reel format in quantities of 5,000. Make enough requests through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a list of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

For more information
Additional information is available at ITV4030 battery protection product page. For technical questions, please contact Stephen Lee, Global Product Manager,

About Littelfuse
Littelfuse (NASDAQ: LFUS) is an industrial technology company that enables a sustainable, connected and safer world. In more than 15 countries and with approximately 17,000 global employees, we partner with customers to design and deliver innovative, reliable solutions. Serving over 100,000 end customers, our products are located in various industrial, transport and electronic end markets – anywhere and every day. Learn more at

Littelfuse ITV4030 Battery Protectors Provide Fast Response to Prevent Overcurrents and Overcharging Damage

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