Lockheed Martin has completed production of its first ground-based air defense radar, AN / TPY-4, to ensure accurate tracking of the United States and Allied nations.

Completion of AN / TPY-4 production comes one month after its selection by the United States Air Force (USAF).

The radar was selected as part of USAF’s 3D Long Range Expeditionary Radar (3DELRR) rapid prototyping program.

USAF’s 3DELRR program includes manufacturing options for about 35 long-range radar systems that are expected to reach initial operational capability (IOC).

Last year, the AN / TPY-4 (V) 1 radar received its official designation from the US government.

The system includes the Platform Electronics Subsystem (PES), supplied by Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA).

Rick Herodes, director of ground-based aerial surveillance radars at Lockheed Martin, said: “Lockheed Martin is committed to investing in modern defense technology and the TPY-4 radar is a direct result of that investment.

“TPY-4 meets the needs of rapidly changing battlefields, marked by technological growth and the emergence of increasingly challenging threats.

Lockheed Martin’s new multi-mission radar is able to track existing and emerging threats by integrating with existing air defense systems.

Designed as a fully digital, software-defined sensor architecture, the new TPY-4 portable or fixed air defense radar can operate in a contested environment.

The compatibility of the TPY-4’s open hardware, software and interface ensures easy integration along with long-term support.

Radar can quickly adapt to the necessary operational changes using software improvements without making any hardware or design changes.

It can detect very small or difficult to detect targets and work in adverse weather conditions and environments.

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