Earlier this month, Logitech announced it was working on a gaming handheld with Tencent that would “support multiple cloud gaming services,” including NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Now it looks like we’re getting our first glimpse of the device thanks to numerous leaks Evan Blass. We also know it’s supposed to be called the G Gaming Handheld, as Logitech hinted at that name in a recent release landing page.

It looks just like many other gaming laptops, with left and right joysticks, a directional pad, ABXY buttons, a home button and shoulder pads, along with a custom “G” button. Another image also shows what the home screen looks like with icons for the Google Play Store, Xbox, GeForce Now, Steam, Chrome and YouTube. We also see icons for profile, messages, settings and power.

You can compare the G Gaming Handheld to the Steam Deck or even Nintendo’s Switch Lite in terms of basic design. The cloud gaming aspect means it’s likely to have similar capabilities on a smartphone, albeit with a more comfortable form factor and gaming-oriented user interface. As such, it will compete not only with other notebooks, but also with a host of smartphone-specific controllers like Razer’s Kishi V2, 8bitDo Pro 2, and SteelSeries Stratus+ — so the level of success will depend heavily on price.

No word yet on when it will arrive, but as mentioned, Logitech already has landing page on site so you can send your email address to get more details.

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