The COVID-19 pandemic has raised serious questions about physician burnout. While not the sole cause of the problem, some research suggests that EHR technology and burden are contributing factors. Today’s medical technology often takes time away from patient care and makes the doctor’s job more complicated instead of easier.

Based in Los Angeles respect reduces the significant administrative burden that healthcare providers have long carried, improving the experience for all parties. Regard is a clinical workflow solution that analyzes and synthesizes patient data, suggests diagnoses, and streamlines note-taking. Their system takes care of tedious tasks, freeing doctors to concentrate on improving healthcare.

Its HIPAA-compliant, secure solution is instantly integrated with EMRs for a seamless workflow, serving as a clinical co-pilot for healthcare professionals in their daily activities. The technology, which is built for provider workflows, extracts and reviews clinical data in real time, highlighting what is needed. The AI-powered system offers diagnoses and specifications, eliminating the need for administrative follow-up and improving patient care. It does the tedious drafting and updating of documentation in a reliable and familiar way.

Their advanced platform ensures thorough and accurate diagnoses, minimizes coding queries and simplifies medical practice. Regard checks patient data, displays critical information, and automatically writes notes. Their team has extensive experience in design, business, engineering and medicine. With its partnerships with EHR firms Epic and Cerner, Regard’s software can currently identify approximately 50 prevalent medical conditions.

The health tech startup has raised $15.3 million in a Series A funding round. The business says the funding will be used to expand its staff, allowing it to help more customers.


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This LA Based Health-Tech Startup ‘Regard’ Is Developing An Artificial Intelligence-Based System To Automate Documentation For Physicians

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