For this week’s new OTT release recommendations, we have a comic court drama, a murder mystery, historical sagas and a crime documentary. The first is Netflix’s Ravi Kishan starrer Maamla Legal Hai, set in the District Court of Patparganj where strange cases arise. Given that the show is based on true incidents, it serves as an interesting look at our legal framework. Next up is Sunil Grover’s Sunflower Season 2 which introduces new characters to add more tension and layer to the plot. Grover was largely praised for his work in the first season. Next up is Disney+ Hotstar’s Shōgun, which takes you to 17th century feudal Japan where an English sailor is shipwrecked.

Another brilliant choice could be Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, where Joaquin Phoenix takes on the role of the eponymous French emperor. With the film nominated for Oscars for Visual Effects, Production Design and Costume Design, it’s safe to assume it’s going to be a visual delight. Napoleon, which was first released in theaters last November, is now available to stream on Apple TV+. For documentary fanatics, Netflix has two: The Indrani Mukherjee Story: The Buried Truth, based on the infamous Sheena Bora murder case in Mumbai, and American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders, where the details of the mysterious death of an investigative journalist chasing a political conspiracy appear decades later.

On the international shore, almost all major publications are in Korean, including The Impossible Heir, Beautiful worldand My name is Low Kiwaan. Here’s a look at our picks for what to stream this weekend. Happy binge eating!

When: Now streaming

Where: Netflix

If you want to watch a light comedy, Maamla Legal Hai starring Ravi Kishan might be it. The eight-part series will introduce you to strange court cases of East Delhi’s Patparganj District Court, inspired by true incidents. From an ill-tempered parrot hurling abuse to a prisoner begging to start a family, expect absurdities aplenty on the show.

Here, Ravi Kishan plays a prominent lawyer who aspires to become the president of the bar association and is always on the lookout for loopholes in the legal system. When an ambitious Harvard graduate (Nyla Grewal) joins the courtroom, things take a hilarious turn. (And if the terms Harvard and courtroom have taken you to the world of Suits, umm… come on… this is Patparganj, not New York! Although one of the characters is definitely trying to copy Donna Paulson’s sass.)

Sunflower season 2

When: Now streaming

Where: Zee5

In the first season, Sunflower Society’s Mr. Kapoor is found dead in his toilet, prompting an investigation. While the police desperately tried to identify Sunil Grover’s character for the crime, nothing could be proved. In the second season, you will meet the bar dancer Rosie Mehta (Adah Sharma), the alleged lover of the deceased, whose name appears in the will of the first. As the plot deepens, it becomes more difficult to catch the real culprit. Sunil Grover has once again done an impressive job.


When now

Where: Apple TV+

The Oscar-nominated biopic has finally made its OTT debut. This historical drama delves into the turbulent life of French emperor and military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. The film takes you back to the French Revolution and the remarkable Napoleonic Wars, chronicling the rise and fall of a leader.

Joaquin Phoenix (The Joker) does an impressive job portraying the historical figure. Expect plenty of epic battle scenes, grand sets, political references and fancy costumes. Apart from the textbook facts about Napoleon’s superiority and military techniques, the film also explores his difficult relationship with Empress Josephine.

The Indrani Mukherjee Story: The Buried Truth

When: Now streaming

Where: Netflix

Although the crime documentary was supposed to be released last week, its premiere was stalled after the CBI approached the Bombay High Court. The serial has already been cleared by the court and has hit the digital screens. It revolves around the shocking murder case of 25-year-old Sheena Bora in 2012, where her mother Indrani Mukherjea, her mother’s driver and her stepfather Peter Mukherjea were the main suspects in the murder. The three allegedly kidnapped, killed and subsequently burned Sheena’s body.

### Shogun

When now

Where: Disney+ Hotstar

An adventurous English sailor is shipwrecked in Japan in the 1600s and soon finds himself embroiled in political turmoil with shogunates, factions, rivals and disgraced samurai. Here, the deceased leader’s heir is too young and is cared for by a council of five lords. This ten-part series is based on James Clavell’s 1975 bestseller of more than 1,000 pages, which was previously adapted into a limited series in 1980. Expect lots of adventure and action.

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