While many expected Apple to introduce a new model of desktop Mac Mini Peek Performance event in March, is not exactly what we received. Instead, we got a whole new line of Apple compact desktops. Mac Studio. These sleek desktops are as small as they are powerful and similar to the overcharged Mini version. One of the most remarkable changes is that they are equipped with the most modern M1 chips from Apple – M1 Max, which is used by the latest MacBook Proand brand new M1 Ultra.

Whether you’re a developer or a content creator, having a fast and powerful PC is a must, which is why Apple says this machine can “deliver an unprecedented level of performance, a wide range of connections and completely new features in an incredibly compact design that sits at your fingertips. ”

Apple was serious when it came to power. You can configure Mac Studio to come with up to 128 GB of RAM, an 8TB SSD and up to a 64-core GPU. As with many other Apple desktops and laptops, you’ll need to make your choice of configuration while ordering. You can make changes to the system’s chip (processor), memory, storage and choose to include pre-installed software if desired.

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Not many retailers currently offer the all-new Mac Studio. We expect it to be available from more locations in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back for additional retailers and deals.

If you want full adaptability without having to navigate certain configurations that are available or exhausted, direct Apple shopping is the obvious choice. There are two options, one with the M1 Max chip and one with the brand new M1 Ultra chip. Prices start at $ 1,999 for the first and $ 3,999 for the second.

If you just want the base model M1 Max Studio, Best Buy has covered you. The big box retailer is offering the M1 Max for $ 2,000, while the M1 Ultra is currently sold out. There are no clear discounts, but you are determined to get one of these new Mac Studios at a lower price from the list, you can buy models with an open box of $ 1800.

Adorama currently has several different configurations of the Mac Studio M1 Max available, while the M1 Ultra appears to be re-ordered, although it is still available for purchase. No discounts are available, but this is one of the only retailers to offer multiple configurations.

B&H Photo is in the same boat as Adorama at the moment. There are currently many configurations of the M1 Max Studio, while the M1 Ultra Studio has now been ordered back and is expected to be available by the end of July. Like Adorama and Apple, you can customize your Mac Studio by adjusting CPU, RAM, and memory.


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