Want a little retro with your fast food this fall? Here’s a rumor you might find offensive. ComicBook.com reports that a site has called Nightmarish nostalgia seems to have the inside scoop on McDonald’s bringing back its beloved Halloween Happy Meal buckets.

The YouTube video below is from 1990, but at least it shows you what the buckets might look like.

What exactly are these buckets, you may ask? Back in 1986, McDonald’s began offering its Happy Meal kids meal in cute little Halloween-themed buckets that could double as a kiddie bucket. The three original designs were named McPunk’n, McBoo and McGoblin, but they all looked like lanterns, just with different faces. A few years later, a white ghost design and a green witch design were added. But according to ComicBook.com, the buckets haven’t been available since 2016, so it’s a fun retro twist.

Halloween fans sure hope this is a treat and not a trick. A McDonald’s representative was not immediately available to confirm or comment on the report. But the trusty snack-news Instagram account markie_devo posted what appears to be an advertisement for the new promotion.

Nightmare Nostalgia shared what appears to be a leaked page from McDonald’s events calendar, listing the Halloween buckets as arriving on October 18th and running through Halloween, October 31st. But without confirmation, we can’t say for sure that it’s happening, just as Linus could never guarantee the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

We can tell that some nostalgic types would love to see that happen. There is a lot of longing for these buckets on social media.

“But I need to know if @McDonalds bringing back the Halloween buckets because I need them all,” said one Twitter user.

We’ll update if McDonald’s responds.


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