KIC is pleased to announce plans to exhibit at the SMTA Juarez and Tijuana Expo & Tech forums in Mexico. SMTA Juarez Expo & Tech Forum is scheduled to be held on Thursday, May 19, 2022 at CIITA – IPN Chihuahua. SMTA Tijuana Tech Day & Expo will be held on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at the Quartz Hotel. Miguel Carbahal, KIC’s sales manager in Mexico, will be available to discuss Processing Inspection (RPI), Wave Process Inspection (WPI), NPI tuning, process optimization and reduced defect recipe, improved OEE , tracking furnace performance and thermal process solutions.

The company offers an industry-leading solution to turn Heat into Data ™, offering a complete ecosystem that encompasses all thermal processes of electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging, as well as manufacturing challenges for process setup and verification. KIC offers automation, traceability and connectivity for the automotive, medical, aerospace, network and military markets for electronic manufacturing.

Today, the production of electronics requires automated control and traceability of processes in real time. As SPI and AOI are for optical inspection, verification of the production overflow temperature profile is mandatory. Process control, traceability and quality solders can be delivered with real-time verification capabilities. This is what KIC provides (and invents) for your thermal processes. This critical data should be part of your overall intelligent Industry 4.0 factory solution to ensure that the entire oven production is within specifications and that the profile data is easily accessible for each individual board.

KIC has solutions to challenges such as process audit processing, automation of manual profiling and reporting tasks, MES connectivity, Industry 4.0 implementation, NPI process setup, solder defect reduction (emptying, pillow head, tombstone) stones), etc.

The latest addition to the thermal process inspection family is KIC’s WPI, bringing its award-winning technology and thermal experience to the wave soldering process. Wave Process Inspection provides users with automatic profiling – including measurement of retention time for the first time in the industry and measurement of parallelism for each production board – real-time preheating and wave analysis, automatic SPC diagrams and more.

KIC’s 45 years of experience in automated process data collection, direct service and maintenance offices in each region, as well as more than 25,000 systems in the field brings the most reliable, accurate and innovative solutions to thermal process challenges in electronics manufacturing.

Move into the future with full line connectivity, flexible manufacturing, data analysis and real-time information, remembering to turn on your ovens and wave soldering machines. For more information on KIC, visit

Meet with the Thermal Process Experts Who Make Ovens Smarter at SMTA Juarez & SMTA Tijuana

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