USound is fast dominating the market and replaces balanced speakers with fittings with its MEMS speakers

USound, a leading supplier of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) speakers for listening and wearable devices, is fast on its way to replacing balanced-array microphone speakers with MEMS speakers in most portable consumer electronics by 2025.

The market for MEMS speakers is expected to increase from 2023, while balanced fittings will decrease significantly from 2024 onwards. By 2025, MEMS speakers are estimated to dominate 50% of the market share in True Wireless Stereo (TWS) systems.

This rapid growth may be due to the growing demand for smaller and more powerful speakers and the trends of miniaturization and hidden technology in TWS, over-the-counter hearing aids and wearable devices such as audio and AR / VR glasses.

Balanced fittings and electrodynamic speakers are already reaching their limits in terms of how small they can be and how to meet market demands. In addition, MEMS speakers can be processed in fully automated production lines, unlike balanced fittings, which require manual assembly. Compared to voice coil microphones, USound MEMS speakers take up 50% less space, use 80% less power and boast a wider frequency range. Due to their reduced size, MEMS speakers consume less PCB space, allowing the addition of sensors for more technical features such as pulse meter, accelerometer, UHF sensors, ANC / voice capture / beamforming microphones and a larger battery for longer playback time of headphones, like real wireless headphones. This has made MEMS speakers an attractive option for manufacturers looking for better sound quality, lower fingerprint and high reliability at lower prices.

USound MEMS speakers have become the mandatory technology for MRI-compatible headphones and over-the-counter hearing aids due to the lack of vibration-free ferromagnets and SPL for weight and size.

“We are extremely proud of the achievements of our technology. Our MEMS speakers are becoming increasingly popular due to their performance. We are committed to supporting the advancement of miniaturization and enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to create smarter and more efficient devices, ”said Ferruccio Botoni, CEO of USound.

USound cooperates with Chinese companies such as Tiancheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. for TWS and Upstar drawings and prototypes for OTC hearing aids for faster technology adoption.

USound MEMS speakers are already being adopted by the highest consumer electronics brands, which will unveil their projects in the near future.

MEMS speakers are replacing balanced armature speakers

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