Facebook’s turn to the metaverse is still messy. The Meta Reality Labs division, home of its hardware efforts and other metauniverse initiatives, will cut some of its projects, according to in front of Reuters. It is unclear which projects will be affected, but Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth told employees that the company is no longer able to afford some of the work it once planned, and some other projects will be “postponed”.

The news is the latest to hit Meta’s ambitious plan to reorient the company around virtual reality and the metaverse, not its social network. The company lost to Reality Labs in 2021 and plans to hire in 2022 than in previous years.

At the same time, the company is apparently still involved in the “high-end” VR headphones that are expected this fall. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg new details on the “color transition technology” for the device, which “will allow developers to build a whole new level of mixed reality experience”. The company has also just opened its first physical facility outside of Reality Labs.

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