The goal it looks like it will release four VR headsets over the next few years as it continues to pursue its vision for the metaverse.

According to a roadmap received from The informationMeta will release a variety of headphones covering different price points.

The long-talked-about VR and mixed-reality headsets for Project Cambria are expected to be released around September this year. Cambria was originally scheduled to be launched last year, but was postponed due to the pandemic and supply chain problems.

Meta’s high-end headphones will fully demonstrate the company’s vision of how people will use its devices for the future of work and play.

The company is well received Mission the headphones are designed for shorter games and social experiences. Cambria is set to have image quality that is suitable for tasks such as writing for potentially long periods.

A battery will be mounted on the back of the Cambria headphones to make them more comfortable for longer periods. The full color transition will be possible for mixed reality experiences.

Meanwhile, the sensors in the headphones will monitor eye movements and facial expressions for potential input sources and provide avatars with more realistic responses (sorry remote workers – you’ll have to hide these frustrations again.)

Project Cambria is reported to cost around $ 799. A successor codenamed Funston is on the roadmap for release in 2024.

For those who are not yet ready to make such a financial commitment, two Quest headphones have been released. One, codenamed Stinson, is scheduled for 2023. The other, codenamed Cardiff, is expected in 2024.

The Quest headphones should stay around $ 299- $ 399, so that’s about half the price of Meta’s high-quality VR headphones.

Approximately one-fifth of Meta’s workforce is now reportedly working on VR / AR devices – about 10,000 employees dedicated to the development of Zuckerberg’s metaverse.

Facebook could be in danger in the long run if we all start communicating in the metaverse. The company seems to feel the same way and last year decided to bet so hard on the metauniverse that last year it changed its name to Meta.

While only time will tell whether Meta will achieve her high ambitions, so far the signs are positive. Quest 2 was pre-ordered five times more than its predecessor, was well reviewed and developers say they are seeing a boost in sales.

If Meta manages to build on momentum with the headphones on its road map, those who laugh at the company that relies on the metauniverse may find themselves eating a modest pie.

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Meta looks set to release four VR headsets by 2024

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