Meta employees were they said not to discuss abortion on Workplace, the company’s internal version of Facebook, The Verge reported on Friday. The CEO apparently said that this could lead to the company being treated as a “hostile work environment” following the expiration of a draft Supreme Court opinion indicating that the court will overturn Rowe vs. Wade next month.

The executive was reportedly quoted rebranded the parent company’s internal respectful communication policy, introduced in 2019. The policy reportedly prohibits employees from using internal company platforms to discuss “opinions or debates about right or wrong abortion, the existence or rights of abortion, political, religious and humanitarian views on the subject. “

Employees were allowed to discuss the issue in small groups, but apparently removed Workplace posts about it, according to the report. Officials say abortion is treated differently from issues such as the Black Lives Matter, immigration and transgender rights, which they are allowed to discuss in the workplace.

Meta workers can still use social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to share their thoughts on abortion. The Washington Post reported. For example, Facebook’s chief operating officer Cheryl Sandberg says in a May 3 post on Facebook that if the expired draft opinion becomes “the law of the land”, one of the “most fundamental rights of women will be taken away”.

Meta did not respond to a request for comment.

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