For the fans who stayed with Metallica’s journey from the metal heroes of the 80’s during their period as Internet punching bagto their eventual redemptionhere a gramophone seemingly worthy of a greeting from the devil’s horn. The Metallica Limited Edition turntable is a collaboration between the group and the Polish manufacturer Pro-Ject.

The turntable has an MDF base that mimics the band’s logo and boasts a mirror finish for added metallic authority. But it’s not just a flash for heavy rock fans, as this table also seems to have audiophile-level meetings.

The player has a glass plate and the new aluminum lining, and the tonearm is S-shaped with a detachable shell on the head. The Pro-Ject Pick it S2 C is available pre-installed, while the tracking power, anti-skating and VTA are adjustable by the user. To complete the package, the metal legs are height-adjustable, while the speed adjustment can be done by turning the switch (instead of removing the plate and adjusting the drive belt).


For me, I had friends who liked them in the 80’s, but they always seemed a little too … cool. I started appreciating the band after reading Jason Newstead’s interviews Bassist Magazine on top of their “pop” period. Do I want one of these turntables? Yes – yes, I do. I mean, just look … who * removes vaguely * Do I need one? Not at all. But if you have even a fleeting interest in heavy metal vinyl, this turntable seems to have both sound and appearance.

The Metallica Limited Edition turntable will be available this summer for $ 1,599.

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