New dsPIC33C DSC adds support for AUTOSAR, OS, MCAL drivers and functional safety, enabling robust and secure automotive solutions.

OEMs are experiencing increasing application complexity and the need for AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 functional solutions compatible with safety and secure solutions with the growing market for electric and autonomous vehicles. For automotive developers who want to design scalable applications for future technologies while meeting the latest automotive requirements, Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today declares a complete ecosystem around Ready for AUTOSAR digital signal controllers dsPIC33C (DSC) to enable accelerated development and a high level of system optimization while reducing overall system costs.

Microchip expands its extensive portfolio of dsPIC33C DSC to cover the large memory segment with the new dsPIC33CK1024MP7xx family, compliant with ISO 26262. This new family of dsPIC33C DSC with 1 MB Flash allows automotive software applications such as AUTOSAR, OS, MCAL functional safety diagnostics according to ISO 26262 and security libraries. The dsPIC33 DSC family also includes a high-performance, CPU with deterministic response and specialized peripherals for common automotive, advanced sensors and control, digital applications for power and engine management.

AUTOSAR-ready dsPIC33C DSCs allow designers to achieve a high level of system optimization by deploying AUTOSAR-based applications, functional safety objectives and security utilization in a single microcontroller (MCU), while meeting the requirements for stable automotive applications, ”said Joe Thomson, vice president of MCU16 at Microchip Technology. “This opens up a world of opportunities for designers who want to work with Microchip, while expanding into e-mobility and advanced monitoring and control applications.”

The advantage of accepting AUTOSAR-ready devices such as is that customers can improve risk and complexity management while reducing reuse development time. Customers who previously designed automotive applications with bare metal or non-AUTOSAR and are now adopting AUTOSAR can expand by staying within the dsPIC33C DSC ecosystem and continuing to benefit from value-added solutions, customer support and product benefits with the new AUTOSAR- ready dsPIC33C DSC. The AUTOSAR ecosystem for dsPIC33C DSC includes MICROSAR Classic from Vector, KSAR OS from KPIT Technologies Ltd. and ASPICE- and ASIL B-compatible MCAL drivers from Microchip.

“We have worked with our partners to offer an integrated solution to simplify development for automotive OEMs and Tier 1,” said Matthias Kestner, vice president of microchip’s automotive business. “The integrated solution gives an idea of ​​AUTOSAR-based development. It simplifies the evaluation of an ECU project with the help of AUTOSAR 4.3.x and allows customers to quickly get acquainted with the systems based on dsPIC33 AUTOSAR ready DSC. ”

Microchip has expanded its functional safety packages to include FMEDA reports, safety manuals and diagnostic libraries to cover ISO 26262 DSC compliant dsPIC33CK1024MP7xx. These AUTOSAR-ready dsPIC33C DSCs, used in conjunction with the Microchip TA100 CryptoAutomotive сигурност security integrated circuits (ICs), allow stable security to be implemented in automotive design.

Development tools

Microchip Technology software and tools include MPLAB certified® XC16 Compiler Functional Safety Licenses, MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC), dsPIC33C DSC programming and debugging tools, ISO 26262- and ASPICE-compliant MCAL drivers for dsPIC33C DSC, functional packages for safety ISO 2636 dsds for dsPIC33C DSC and software libraries and reference code for security use cases. Third-party software includes MICROSAR Classic from Vector and KSAR OS from KPIT Technologies Ltd. Third-party hardware tools include TRACE32® debugger from Lauterbach.


For information on AUTOSAR BSW, OS, and MCAL drivers that support dsPIC33C DSC, visit For information on the dsPIC33CK1024MP708 DSC, which offers up to 100 MHz real-time performance, 1 MB Flash, dual CAN FD interfaces and dedicated peripherals for advanced sensors and control, digital power, engine management and high-performance common automotive applications, visit For information on ISO 26262 functional safety packages, secure solutions and the ecosystem of tools for AUTOSAR-ready dsPIC33C DSC, visit or contact a Microchip sales representative.

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