Microsoft is expanding its managed security offerings by adding three new services targeted at operations centers and enterprise customers.

The technology giant has launched an expanded suite of services in a new category called Microsoft Security Experts, the company said in blog post.

These include Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting, and Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise.

This comes after Microsoft said cyber threats had grown at an alarming rate in the past year, with the company blocking more than 9.6 billion malware threats and more than 35.7 billion phishing and other malicious emails.

Microsoft’s corporate vice president of security, identity and governance, Vasu Jakal, said the new services were designed with “a contribution from our incredible partner ecosystem.”

She said: “It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to build and maintain a full security team, not to mention one with the ever-expanding range of skills needed to meet today’s security requirements.

“With the contribution of our amazing partner ecosystem, we have designed three new managed services that can help you scale your team of experts to meet your needs – without the challenge of hiring and training them.”

Microsoft Defender Hunting Experts

This service offers those with a Security Operations Center Microsoft assistance in finding threats in Microsoft Defender data, including endpoints, Office 365, cloud applications, and identity.

Microsoft says experts will investigate and provide contextual warning information and removal instructions.

In addition, advice will be offered on a specific incident, national actor or vector of attack, while specific recommendations will be made to improve security.

Igor Tsiganski, chief technology officer at Bridgewater Associates, said: “Defender Experts for Hunting is like the tip of the iceberg. It is supported by all Microsoft applications, technologies and cloud services, superimposed with security tools that connect the entire system together, and then powered by machine learning. “

Defender Experts for Hunting is in preview now and will be available in the summer.

Microsoft Defender XDR experts

This service is a managed XDR service that extends beyond endpoints to provide detection and response in Microsoft 365 Defender.

The vendor says he also investigates signals and uses automation and human experience to respond to incidents.

The service is designed for customers who need to expand the capacity of their security operations center.

Defender Experts for XDR will move to a preview in the fall of 2022.

Microsoft Enterprise Security Services

This service combines proactive threat detection and managed XDR, using Microsoft’s complete security and event management information (SIEM) and XDR stack to protect all cloud environments and all platforms.

It is designed for large enterprises looking for more comprehensive, high-tech managed services from Microsoft experts, Jacal said.

She added: “Microsoft’s dedicated security experts manage deployment, day-to-day interactions, modernization and incident response for you.

Microsoft’s enterprise security services are sold through a personalized declaration of employment and are available today.

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