Over the past few years, Microsoft has worked hard to build more inclusive solutions for all its users, and at its Microsoft Ability Summit, it announced new updates on this front.

He launched the Inclusive Tech Lab, which is the successor to a lab created by the Xbox team. The purpose of the laboratory will be “to learn and develop specifically for people with different types of disabilities.” Compared to the original laboratory, this one is larger and will be better equipped to attract visitors who can participate in the product manufacturing process.

Although the lab will showcase affordable Microsoft hardware, software and services, it will primarily serve as a design incubator for inclusive products.

“It’s a place designed to showcase what’s possible when you intentionally and proactively involve people with disabilities in the product development process and strive to create products that are truly design-inclusive,” said Dave Dame, director of accessibility at Microsoft. . a blog post.

The company also unveiled new ones adaptive accessories for people who may have difficulty using a mouse and keyboard.

Adaptive accessories consist of three main components, an adaptive mouse, an adaptive hub and adaptive buttons.

The adaptive mouse can be customized with Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support to make a unique mouse. The thumb support accessory also includes the ability to customize it to switch sides for left or right hand.

The adaptive hub and buttons can be used together to replace traditional keyboards. Button top options include a d-pad, joystick or double button, or users can 3D print their own knob buttons to suit their specific needs.

These adaptive accessories will be officially launched in the fall.

Microsoft launches new lab for building inclusive tech, unveils new adaptive accessories

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