Microsoft has decided not to continue with a planned update to Windows 11 that would sacrifice some existing taskbar features for a cleaner look for those using tablets.

As reported by The latest version of WindowsThe Insider preview version, released in April 2022, includes an option to disable the “hidden icon menu”, which helps keep the taskbar tidy, which is useful for those who use Windows-based tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface line.

Unfortunately, this also caused some problems for desktop users who used the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange the order of the taskbar icons. For example, if you want the BlueTooth icon to be on the shortcut taskbar, you’ll need to right-click on the taskbar and make adjustments to the taskbar settings, while before that you can simply drag the BlueTooth icon from the icon bar directly in the taskbar and then rearrange your icons to your liking in the same way.

Microsoft confirmed in a post in the Feedback Center that the taskbar download and play feature has been removed to better optimize the operating system for tablet users, saying that “with the updates we made for the new taskbar. Task-optimized tasks in Build 22563 no longer support dragging icons in the system tray or between the system tray and showing hidden icons. “

As Windows 11 does not have a special OS for tablets, these changes also affected desktop users, which led to some severe criticism. Fortunately, Microsoft seems to be listening to this feedback and has announced that the planned deployment of this feature has been canceled. Insiders who download Windows 11 Build 22616 will find that normal taskbar functionality will be restored.

Analysis: Does Microsoft need a special tablet operating system?

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