, Microsoft begins testing a Game Pass Ultimate family plan in the wild. Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland can try out the new offer that lets them to their plan as long as they are in the same country. Those people will get access to all the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, including a library of hundreds of console, PC and cloud gaming titles.

If you’re in any country, you can purchase the Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview plan from the Microsoft Store, although enrollment is limited. If you are already a Game Pass member, the time remaining on your subscription will be converted based on its monetary value. One month of Game Pass Ultimate is worth 18 days of the family plan. Breaking things down, that suggests the family plan would cost around $25 per month if Microsoft brought it to the US, or $5 per person.

You will need to wait for your membership to expire before switching to another plan. People you want to invite into a family plan will also need to cancel an existing Game Pass subscription or wait for it to expire. Alternatively, they can simply create a new Microsoft account. It’s worth noting that people with a plan are not eligible.

A family plan seems to make a lot of sense for Microsoft, which has positioned Game Pass at the heart of the Xbox business. This should help the company increase the overall number of users of the service, although it may come at the cost of losing some subscriptions in households with multiple Game Pass memberships or among groups of friends who split the cost of a single plan.

Elsewhere, Nintendo has long offered a Switch Online family plan for both the standard and . Although Sony recently , does not yet offer any multiplayer plans.

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