Online service packages in Windows 11 is a cloud service that improves the delivery experience of new changes and improvements in Windows 11. This is used to quickly deliver Windows 11 updates to the end user.

Along with the release of Windows 11 Build 25211, Microsoft is releasing Online Service Experience Pack – Windows.TestSettings.Account – Version to Dev Channel insiders.

The Online service packages work in a similar way as Windows Feature Experience Packs do. It allows the Microsoft Windows team to quickly make updates to specific areas outside of a major Windows update.

The difference between the two is that Windows Feature Experience Packs can provide broad improvements in multiple areas of Windows, while Online Service Experience Packs are focused on providing improvements for a specific area, such as the new “Your Microsoft Account Settings” page.

Online service packs can be identified in Windows Update. For example, the new “Your Microsoft Account Settings” page will show as “Online Service Pack – Windows.Settings.Account” and a version number.

The latest Online Services Experience Pack version shows it as “Windows.TestSettings.Account”.

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