Microsoft Teams, also known as MS Teams, is facing outages around the world and the corporate world is going crazy. Millions of users rely on the MS Teams application for daily communication, meetings and schedules. More than 5,000 users have reported problems with Microsoft Teams so far, according to, which tracks outages by collating status reports from sources, including user-submitted bugs on its platform. “We have received reports of users unable to access Microsoft Teams or use features. We are investigating the issue and further updates can be found in the service health dashboard via TM402718,” Microsoft 365 Status wrote on Twitter.

“We found that a recent deployment contained a broken connection to an internal storage service that resulted in an impact. We are working to route traffic to a healthy service to mitigate the impact. Additional information can be found in the admin center under TM402718,” the subject further reads. While the Teams app outage is affecting businesses around the world, it’s also giving users some free time to start a meme fest on Twitter. Here are some of the memes netizens are sharing as they celebrate the discontinuation of MS Teams.

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