Microsoft is constantly striving to improve its Edge browser and gain a stronger position in the competitive web browser landscape. In this pursuit, they are introducing features aimed at distinguishing Edge from competitors like Chrome. However, a recent update inadvertently lead to unintended consequences for users.

Microsoft Edge’s recent update introduces memory errors

Memory errors disrupt the user experience

The latest stable version of Edge (version 122.0.2365.63) triggered memory-related errors, preventing several websites from loading correctly. Users encounter messages such as “not enough memory to open this page” or “there is a problem with this page”. Further investigation revealed that Edge logs an “Out of Memory” error when it encounters these issues.

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The cause of the problem has been identified

Experts identified the culprit as Edge’s advanced security and privacy settings, specifically the “Strict” protection level and the “Enhance your web security” setting. Users who reported the issue and contacted Microsoft found that disabling the strict security level or turning off the “Improve your network security” setting resolved the memory errors. This decision received confirmation from both Microsoft’s support forums and user communities such as Reddit.

Microsoft’s response and the way forward

In response to this unforeseen issue, Microsoft immediately removed version 122.0.2365.63 from its update channels, ensuring that users will not be further affected. The latest currently available stable version is 122.0.2365.59. Microsoft is expected to address the identified memory issues, fix the defective version and re-release it in the future.

Looking ahead – balancing innovation and stability

This incident highlights the delicate balance between introducing innovative features and maintaining browser stability. While pushing the boundaries and offering unique capabilities is critical for browsers to compete, providing a seamless user experience remains paramount. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft resolves this issue and navigates the drive to innovate while prioritizing the user experience in future Edge updates.

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Microsoft warned! Do not install the latest update for Edge