TTI, Inc. – Europe, a leading specialist distributor of electronic components, now offers industrial Mini-I/O connectors from TE Connection. The Mini I/O connector range provides excellent vibration, shock and EMI resistance, in a compact size, to provide reliable high performance in harsh industrial applications, especially in IIOT and collaborative robotics.

TE Connectivity’s Mini I/O connectors offer superior performance over traditional RJ45 connectors in industrial environments, especially in applications such as motor drives that are susceptible to shock and vibration. When the equipment vibrates or shakes, the contacts usually move. The Mini-I/O design has two separate contact points, so if the contacts are moved, at least one point always remains connected to avoid complete signal loss.

Mini I/O connectors have good signal integrity and connections support Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+, PoE++ (IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3bt), with data rates from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. The mini connectors have excellent EMI resistance thanks to 360-degree metal shielding. Additionally, EMI and signal integrity are optimized by the signal path design, and 360-degree shielding brings next-generation Cat6A performance.

Mini I/O connectors are a space saving solution as they are only 25% of the size of a traditional RJ45 plug. As such, they provide critical PCB space savings and are a compact wire-to-board connector system for industrial communications. In this case, the connectors are ideal for robotics applications that have limited internal space and control cabinets where space is a constraint.

Mini-I/O cable assemblies are compatible with existing systems and are designed to connect Mini-I/O to Mini-I/O and Mini-I/O to RJ45 as required by the application. This also allows for easy retrofitting when needed. Additionally, the connectors can be field-mounted simply over 8- or 4-wire legacy wiring, without special tools.

“The industry continues to demand smaller, more reliable solutions that go beyond what is currently on the market for IIoT. We are extremely pleased to offer the Industrial Mini I/O to our customers,” said Markus Lorenz, Director Industrial Marketing – Industrial Europe, TTI. “These durable products are quickly becoming an integral part of industrial network deployments due to their excellent reliability.

In addition, they are easy to install in less than a minute as they support automatic wire termination instead of having to terminate the wires with soldering. This is a significant advantage compared to similar competing technologies. They are an excellent example of the wide range of solutions we offer as part of our 2022 Smart factoryIndustrial network initiative.”

The Mini I/O industrial connector portfolio consists of a variety of board and cable connectors, including jack, plug or socket styles, as well as cable-to-board or cable-to-cable connector systems.

For more information on TE Connectivity’s Mini I/O connectors offered by TTI Europe, visit:

Mini I/O connector provides superior performance in industrial applications

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