Miro has introduced a number of new features and integrations designed to support hybrid work and move it beyond being primarily a whiteboard tool.

The collaboration software maker added several new features this week, including three updated frameworks for its Miro developer platform, new integrations with Google Meet and Webex video conferencing tools, and improvements to interactive presentations.

“Miro’s announcements this week set out the company’s vision for the future of visual collaboration that goes beyond the whiteboard,” said Varun Parmar, Miro’s chief product officer.

Support for hybrid work

As most organizations continue to use some hybrid model of work, Parmar said many people experience the worst parts of both personal and telecommuting, with Miro striving to improve meeting experience as well as pre-work. and experience after the meeting.

The new integration of the Miro app with Google Workspace allows Google Meet users to access Miro through the activity panel, start creating a new Miro board, or edit an existing meeting board.

Webex’s new proprietary board app also allows Webex users to launch any Miro board directly into an appointment. Miro can also be used on a Webex board outside of the meeting via the Miro web application.

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