MisterFly Group, owner of France-based online travel agency MisterFly, has rebranded Digital journeys to reflect the B2B nature of its business, the company says.

Founded in 2015, MisterFly Group comprises seven sub-brands – MisterFly, Mtrip, MF PRO, Hresa, Hotel Pour Tous, Idiliz and Koedia – all of which will retain their names and identities under the Digitrips umbrella.

The company says the rebranding reflects the group’s focus on travel technology: since its inception, the company has evolved to the point that its seven sub-brands now generate 90% of revenue from B2B sales to more than 5,000 B2B customers.

In addition, the group has sold more than five million travelers to retail travel agents, OTAs, tour operators, white labels and loyalty schemes and completed more than 10 million bookings on its SaaS solutions.

Digitrips also represents the group’s services “beyond the air,” the company said, noting that in addition to aircraft, it sells accommodation, cars, transfers and packages, as well as offers insurance and payment solutions.

“We are much more than just a MisterFly B2C OTA – important and dear to us – and this new name and brand identity reflects that 90% of our business is B2B and that we have long gone ‘over the air’ in selling a whole range of travel products, services and even SaaS software solutions,” says Digitrips Managing Director Emily Dumont.

“Furthermore, although France remains our core market, we have grown beyond France’s borders in recent years and have ambitious plans for further international growth in the future.”

Adds Digitrips co-founder and CEO Nicolas Brumelot: “I’d like to thank the entire team for their hard work and innovation over the past seven years, along with every single customer for their cooperation and loyalty – enabling us to manage over 5,000,000 passengers in such a short period of time since launch.

“Looking forward, we believe the new name and brand identity better fits the diversified and innovative B2B company that we are.”

In July 2021, MisterFly raised €10 million pending a pandemic recovery. The round brought OTA’s total funding to €40 million.


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