“The Mikroe Clicker 4 development board for Toshiba’s M4K MCU, combined with the Clicker 4 inverter shield, is a solution for experimenting with brushless DC control,” according to Toshiba.

Clicker 4 for TMPM4K is built around a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 TMPM4KNFYAFG MCU, running at up to 160MHz with a vector motor, encoder and programmable driver for brushless DC motors. There are 0 256 kbyte flash code, 32 kbyte flash data and 24 kbyte SRAM.

The functional extension is through four Mikrobus sockets for adding Mikroe Click boards, and has a built-in debugger, as well as expansion connectors, JTAG / SWD ports for debugging, LED indicators and buttons.

Microe Toshiba clicker-4 motor inverter

The Clicker 4 Inverter Shield mounts under the CPU board and has six mosfet to mediate between 12 to 48V external power and the motor, as well as a TI DRV8323 port driver. The built-in switching power supply produces a 5V output for the control board.

“Overcurrent protection is built in for guaranteed reliability,” Toshiba said, adding that “the board’s interface allows positioning feedback to be received from Hall sensors and incremental encoders.”

Software support comes from Toshiba’s MCU motor studio, which has two main components: a configurable M4K MCU engine management firmware, plus a computer-based tool that allows parameter configuration, device management, real-time registration and diagnostics via UART.

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