New York Times apologize after Monday Wordle includes a decision for some players, which may have been offensive due to its connection to recent political events in the United States. Warning: a potential spoiler is imminent.

some Wordle players woke up today to find out that the solution to the daily puzzle is “fetus”, selection New York Times said it was “completely unintentional and coincidental”, in a note from the Games team of the publication at 12:01 According to The timesthe word was loaded into the game “last year”, which means that its choice precedes both the company of Wordle and on of a draft decision of the US Supreme Court to annul Rowe v. Wade.

When The times Games team discovered last week that Monday’s puzzle would contain the word fruit, he said he had done everything possible to change the answer to “as many crucial tasks as possible”. However, because of the way Wordle loads data, those who keep the game running in a section that never updates, still see the old selection. The times he said he hoped to avoid a similar situation in the future.

“We are now busy with the renovation on Wordle technology so that everyone always gets the same word, “the publication said. “We are committed to ensuring that tens of millions of people have a satisfying and consistent experience every day.” The Games team added that it wants to Wordle “Staying different from the news”, a position he has by some players.

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