A man wakes up in a room with metal walls, no windows and no earthly idea of ​​how he got there. He has a sarcastic robot security guard for the company. When he tries to escape from the prison cell, strange things happen – and by the third scene you will probably experience deja vu from the day you watched Ex Machina or Moon.

The 2016 Infinity Chamber, currently on Amazon Prime, essentially follows everyone’s favorite template for a “mystery science fiction movie.” He has a foreboding background, a clear integration of humanity and technology, and an intelligent protagonist who seems to be the voice of reason as he struggles with a curious dilemma.

Nevertheless, his brain story immerses you deep enough to fall in love with the protagonist through the finish line while he plays a posthuman version of escaping the room.

And if you manage to reach the climax, you will have fun.

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Built with an impressively low budget of just $ 125,000, partially funded by Kickstarterdirector Travis Miloy’s confusing film is experimenting with a complex plot that will test your ability to predict the end – and your patience.

As Frank Lerner (Christopher Soren Kelly) tries to leave his abandoned enclosed space, he has a dream about sitting in an old cafe and talking to a charming barista named Gabby (Cassandra Clark).

Immediately afterwards, Frank suddenly wakes up in his small room alone with Howard’s company, an assigned machine satellite reminiscent of 2001: Hal from A Space Odyssey, Interstellar’s Dozens, and Moon’s Gerty.

This sequence, which supposedly explains Frank’s imprisonment, is repeated again … and again … and again, giving the Infinity Chamber its claustrophobic mood. All the while, the warm and ingenious robot Howard has nothing to say about any of this. Howard’s only job is to keep Frank alive.

As the film progresses, you begin to realize what is really going on – with Frank, Howard and even Gabby.

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Self-proclaimed an excellent guessing twist, I was prepared to dismiss the Infinity Chamber as a satisfactory retelling of the classic apocalyptic survival story. This is one of many films that involve people puzzling their exit from a box-like room in an anti-utopian world. Some who fall into this niche genre include the 1997 Cube, the 2008 Farm Room, the 2009 Exam, and the 2019 Escape Room.

But in the last 15 minutes of the film, I missed a few involuntary “wait, what”, which were immediately followed by goosebumps caused by shock. Infinity Chamber stands out by accepting over-used tropes and adding flavor.

The camera is not just a room. Howard is not just a cunning AI and dreams are not accidental.

But while the end of Infinity Chamber is satisfying enough to accept that the film is a solid choice during the week, grab a glass of wine and relax, it’s not without its flaws. They come from the semi-finished sub-plots of the film.

The film presents a love story, the idea of ​​existing in your own dreams, the question of whether people can really connect with artificial intelligence and the ethics of prisons like the one Frank is in.

Instead of delving into these concepts, however, a lot of time is spent retelling Frank’s pain from being in a metal chamber and building to the first stage – so obvious that I was confused by how it should have been a surprise at all.

Right around the middle of the road, the Infinity Chamber starts to get bored just before it starts again for the third act. Perhaps this could be solved by exploring the other juicy science fiction ideas of the film – so many interesting paths had remained untapped.

However, from start to finish, the Infinity Chamber is a delight. The small budget and limited shortcomings are barely noticeable due to the impeccable quality of the production, great acting and intelligent story, chillingly tied in its last scene – one that makes the whole hour and 38 minutes 100% worthwhile.


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