The logic-level device is available in a 3.3 x 3.3 mm SOT1210 ‘LFPAK33′ package and has’ improved safe work area technology that is tailored to provide exceptional performance in transient linear mode, a key performance indicator in airborne applications. pillows “, according to the company. “The LFPAK33 package uses 84% ​​less board space than the DPAK, while maintaining strength.”

Inside there is a trench mosfet, designed and qualified for AEC-Q101 (at 175 ° C) for use in linear mode in airbags. “The use of other similar products is usually based on DMOS and first-generation technologies, which are being phased out by many silicon manufacturers,” said Nexperia marketing manager Norman Stappelberg.

The package has a copper clamp for working with electricity and heat and seals for a seagull’s wing for automated check and reliability at the level of the board.

13mΩ (max) is measured with 10V at the gate and 15A through the drain at 25 ° C and increases with temperature. The part is also indicated by 4.5V on the gate in the datasheet, again offering higher resistance.

The company has other highly targeted mosfets, which it calls “ASFETs” (application-specific mosfets), for battery isolation, engine management, hot swapping and PoE (Ethernet power).

The full fact sheet can be downloaded from Product page BUK9M20-60EL

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