The MSI Z690 Edge WIFI DDR4 comes from the MPG line of motherboards, in the middle of the company’s product range. While it may not have all the bells and whistles that make some high-end MEG boards, the MPG line (and Edge WIFI) are well-equipped and ready to handle any Alder Lake processor, including our i9-12900K test chip.

The Z690 Edge WIFI DDR4 ($ 299.99) is at the bottom of the MPG series, with the Z690 Force WIFI and Z690 Carbon WIFI / Carbon EK X we reviewed above. The board includes a capable power supply, plenty of storage space (including four M.2 sockets and six SATA ports), premium audio and network solutions, fast USB connection and a busy but good look, all for $ 299.99. There aren’t many things here that you don’t like that aren’t subjective. If you want to use the latest and greatest RAM (and pay a lot more for it), there is a Z690 Edge WIFI DDR5 option for $ 329.99.

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