PENSACOLA, Florida (WKRG) – Two of the happiest days of my life are the days I brought my daughters Avery and Lauren into the world. When the journey began, I never imagined how wonderful … and how difficult … motherhood can be.

In the first days, lack of sleep, solitude, time and yes, money brought a lot of pressure! I bet some of you are going through that right now. As children grow, their needs and our responsibilities to them change. Even when they grow up, we mothers worry about them. Almost every phone call I have with my girls ends with my question, “What can I do for you?”

And that’s a good question. Whether we are biological, adoptive or foster mothers. Whether we are relatives or friends who take on the role of mother … what can we do for our children?

I think the most important things we can give our children are not things at all, but values. We can teach them to be kind, hardworking and ethical. We can teach them to tell the truth, keep their promises, come on time, put away their toys or plates, make the bed, and share. And we can teach them why these things are important.

At least in my home, the most important thing I believe I have done for my children is to bring them into our faith and pray for them and make sure they know it.

To all the mothers thereā€¦ you are valued and may your day be filled with the “things” that are so important: love, laughter, celebration and blessings.

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