The world’s most powerful observatory, the James Webb Telescope, recently captured the most distant star ever observed, Earendel.

The $10 billion Hubble Space Telescope spotted the oldest star earlier this year.

According to, the “Earendel” star is named after a character from the backstory of J. RR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings The Silmarillion. It was identified in a Hubble Space Telescope deep image thanks to gravitational lensing.

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Interestingly, research suggests that it took 12.9 billion years for the light emitted from Earendel to reach Hubble.

The photo was shared on the Cosmic Spring JWST Twitter handle, which is run by astronomers who uploaded images from JWST on August 2.

The image includes a foreground star located in the Milky Way, along with the six spikes that have become recognizable in JWST images.

This is due to diffraction peaks that result from the physical design of the telescope.

A small red rainbow includes our star, which is a small red dot that can be seen along the so-called Aurora Borealis.

Earendel is a star whose host galaxy is now 28 billion light years away.

It should be noted that the star is sometimes addressed by its official name WHLo137-LS.

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