The US Navy, along with forces with multiple domains from other Allied and Partner countries began NATO Vigilance, Neptune Shield 2022 (NESH 22).

NESH 22 will take place between 17 and 31 May in the Baltic, Adriatic and Mediterranean regions.

Other participating countries include Croatia, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Albania, Germany, Latvia, France, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey and Bulgaria.

NESH 22 is the implementation phase of the Neptune project, which was conceptualized in 2020.

The project is a long series of activities in support of the Allied Joint Force Command in Naples and the Brunsum Joint Allied Command.

The Commander of the Allied Joint Forces in Brunssum, General Jörg Volmer, said: “NESH22 is an excellent opportunity to improve Allied coordination capacity with continued vigilance to train for NATO’s comprehensive and joint operations.

“NATO’s commitment to promoting peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic area is clearly reflected in the integration of our forces’ ability to respond quickly in times of crisis.

Vigilance activities take place in the area of ​​responsibility of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe in all areas.

Normal daily activities provide strategic awareness and strength readiness for peacekeeping.

NESH 22 will include the transfer of command and control to Combined Task Force 61/2 (CTF 61/2) and USS Harry S Truman Carrier Strike Group (CSG).

The US Sixth Fleet CTF 61/2 includes the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) and the USS Kearsarge (ARG) Amphibious Preparedness Group (ARG).

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