Semiconductor next-generation 135W fast charger, Lenovo and Navitas shine in Nasdaq

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS) – the industry leader in gallium nitride (GaN) power supply integrated circuits – today officially announced that its next-generation GaNFast power supply integrated circuits with GaNSense technology are used in the newly released Ga5N Legion C charger. Lenovo and presented at the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, New York.

Lenovo’s Legion 5 and 5 Pro Gen 7 laptops are significant gaming machines, including AMD Rembrandt Ryzen 9 or Intel 12th generation Alder Lake Core processors, AMD Radeon Vega or NVIDIA RTX graphics processors, 32 GB DDR5 memory, 1 TB solid state drive, up to 16 ”screens with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and a powerful 80 Whr battery.

GaN is a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20 times faster than legacy silicon (Si) chips and allows up to 3 times more power or 3 times faster charging at half the size and weight. GaNFast power supplies with GaNSense technology integrate power, drive, control, with additional stand-alone protection and lossless power to provide the simplest, smallest, fastest and now even higher performance.

The 135 W GaNFast charger measures only 66 x 65 x 31 mm (133 cc) – 40% smaller than previous chargers – so the C135 achieves a power density above 1 W / cc. The power conversion topology is a PFC stage followed by an isolating high frequency, quasi-resonant (HFQR) reverse transition using Navitas’ NV6136A GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology. This eliminates system-sensitive resistors, avoids high-temperature hotspots, and provides an additional 10% of energy savings with increased system reliability. The peak charging efficiency is over 92%, which allows high power density.

The C135 adopts Lenovo’s own protocol to reach full power of 135 W and a charging time of 0-100% in just 65 minutes. Also equipped with universal, industry-standard protocols (USB-PD, USB-PPS and QC) at 100 W and below, the C135 can also quickly charge any number of Lenovo laptops, tablets, phones and audio models, and any another manufacturer.

Lenovo’s Chen LONG, China’s consumer IP product marketing manager, said at the launch of the product: “Navitas’ GaNFast power supplies have proven themselves at Lenovo with high performance and high quality since the launch in 2020 of a 90W gaming phone charger Lenovo Legion Pro. We are now excited to see the next generation of Navitas ICs in the powerful C135 to deliver a lighter, more powerful charging experience for the entire Legion family, including the Y9000P laptop, Y700 tablet and Y90 mobile phone. ”

“Navitas is honored that Lenovo has once again adopted GaNFast technology for the Legion series,” said Charles (Yingjie) ZHA, Vice President and GM of Navitas China: “Our mission is to ‘Electrify our world ™ ️’, to innovate with GaN and partner with Lenovo to provide consumers with the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly charging experiences. ”

Yuetian WANG, Vice President of Honoto, said: “We at Honoto are very happy to rejoin Navitas to use the Gen-3 GaNFast power IC solution in Lenovo’s Legion C135 and allow it to be an excellent fast charger. with high power gallium nitride. Navitas GaN power IC is fast and efficient, easy to use and has higher reliability and success in development and use. This has allowed us to develop better energy products and accelerate the market at a much faster pace. “

Navitas and Lenovo collaborated to promote multimedia for the C135 charger and GaNFast power supply integrated circuits, including co-branded video displays at Nasdaq Tower in New York’s Times Square and through social media.

Navitas GaN ICs Fast-Charge Lenovo’s 2022 Legion Gen 7 Powerhouse Gaming Laptops

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