As people cautiously return to the office, a consensus begins to form on what the new job should look like.

Cabin farms are out, “cuddling rooms” and “telephone booths” are inside.

Real estate owners are struggling to balance the space consolidation opportunities that telecommuting presents with the need to remain sensitive to employees’ experiences during a period of unprecedented turnover.

“It’s the Wild West right now,” said Brad Golden, customer success manager. VergeSensewhich develops technology to help business leaders understand workplace use. “Many companies have a return policy in the office, but they have no idea how many people are returning and how the space will be used.”

One of the difficult variables is that people have different reasons to return, Golden said. “Some people want to come to the office for cooperation, social contact and a sense of belonging, while others want some kind of border from home,” he said.

“The purpose of the office needs to be looked at differently.”

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