NetApp has made its new cloud solution Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) available to give SMEs “flexible, secure and suitable for remote work experiences”.

Spot PC provides SMEs and their customers with a cloud-based desktop solution optimized for security, privacy and infrastructure efficiency, a statement from NetApp said.

This will allow them to deliver cloud desktops to multiple locations and provide a predictable cost structure using upcoming patent AI and automated machine learning optimization.

SMEs and businesses will also be able to ensure that cloud desktops meet security, availability and performance requirements “without overburdening IT staff”.

NetApp says it has made the offer publicly available to bring “differentiated, profitable cloud desktop solutions” to market.

The storage provider said that while organizations are developing their IT infrastructure to maintain remote work environments, the most common remote desktop solutions available based on traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) have never been designed for the public cloud.

“Service providers and businesses today require the right tools and solutions designed for the cloud to optimize the efficiency of their resources,” said Anthony Lai, executive vice president of public cloud services at NetApp.

With Spot PC, we equip SMEs and businesses to market differentiated, profitable cloud desktop solutions to meet the growing demand of our customers and enable them to provide flexible, secure and relevant remote work experiences. to different users in multiple locations and regions. “

Spot PC is available today, directly from NetApp for businesses and service providers with a fixed price structure per user per month.

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