The Netflix’s “Play Something” button is a great way for families to break the hours of endless scrolling and randomly choose something to watch in the evening.

The feature now comes in children’s profiles in the form of a “Mystery Box” button, which will display an age-appropriate title that younger members of the household have never seen before. This way, you can leave everything to the magic of Netflix and abdicate any responsibility for choosing one child over another.

In fact, it can be good for parents who may be sick of endless sessions of watching Blippi or Cocomelon. The selected will be informed by their similarities with the programs they have previously enjoyed, so there will be no random selection from the archives.

Netflix Kids Mastery Box

While the Play Something button is on the Netflix home screen, it’s a little different for the little ones. In fact, you need to go to the Favorites row to find it. Here are the instructions from the horse’s mouth from the post of About Netflix blog:

1. Log in to the children’s profile.

2. Find the children’s ‘Favorites Row’ at the top of the home page. This line is geared towards characters to connect them more easily and vividly with the characters, shows, and movies they love as soon as they turn on Netflix.

3. Hover your mouse over the glowing “mystery box” to find a title that is “new to you”! And voila, it’s show time.

This is one of the many child-friendly features that the streaming giant has launched in recent months. There is now a list of the top 10 for children and emails with a summary to show parents what the children have watched in the last month.

Netflix has a new way to stop your kids fighting over the TV

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