Those who have paid for Netflix through iTunes in recent years will soon have to say goodbye to their lower, discounted prices. The company confirmed for On the edge that it has begun removing users’ access to their iTunes billing plan for the streaming service. “Basic plan members who used an iTunes payment method” will now have to pay the company directly using a credit or debit card, Netflix spokesperson Momo Zhao told the publication.

Netflix stopped allowing new customers to sign up for in-app subscriptions on Apple devices back in 2018 to avoid giving the latter a commission. However, this allowed those who already paid through Apple to retain their payment preferences and at least one person said they were still happy with the service’s $10 per month price until they were removed from their previous prices.

The company discontinued its $10 basic plan in the US and UK last year, which was its cheapest ad-free option in the regions. After a price increase a few months after that event, new customers had to pay at least $15.49 to get an ad-free viewing experience. The ad-supported option now sets them back $7 a month, while the Premium tier, which comes with support for four devices and Ultra HD, now costs subscribers $23. Customers who previously paid through iTunes will now have to pay those prices — that is, if they still want to keep their subscriptions active.