The UK – based Network Rail is set to Install the SAS 13 railway bridge in Birmingham this weekend, which is said to be the longest single-storey railway structure in the West Midlands.

Network Rail, in collaboration with HS2, built the 92-meter Stechford Bridge to help future tracks maintain Britain’s new zero-carbon rail line to cross it.

The contractor “Skanska” pre-assembled the new 2600-ton structure, working for the last 22 months in a complex next to the existing railway lines.

Rosanska Barsena, Skanska Rail’s program director, said: “This project will provide the largest single-section railway bridge in the West Midlands, improving connectivity and paving the way for the HS2 route to downtown Birmingham.

According to Network Rail, 3,601 cubic meters of concrete and 1,118 tons of steel were used for the entire project. It was built with an investment of £ 85 million to support the existing HS2 railway line.

Remotely controlled vehicles, called Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), will be used to move the new metal and concrete bridge to the site before the rails are laid again.

Patrick Cowley, Director of HS2 and Network Rail On Network Works, said: “Relocating this 2,600-ton bridge is not a major feat and the new structure will ensure that Britain’s new HS2 zero-carbon high-speed rail works in harmony. with the existing railway routes to the second city.

Last month, Network Rail announced a £ 70m investment in 550 rail service improvement projects.

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