One way DIYers and builders get development efforts is through Kits and Bundles. One of the latest is Deep Learning, Neural Computing with AI Development Kit. The kit features an x86 Atomic Pi with Intel’s new Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2).

Team IoT, the creators of the kit, are assisted by Intel’s NCS2 hardware and support. Bosch and KS helped deliver the x86 Atomic Pi at ARM prices, a bit of a win for the team. Atomic Pi is built to handle the complexity of the Movidius inference engine. The suite provides both custom I/O and low power consumption and storage and processing capabilities, all based on a Linux operating system.

For machine vision and computer vision, NCS2 processes video in an energy-efficient deep learning environment. Frees up CPU time for more interesting tasks like running custom apps. Integration into common monitoring frameworks can be accomplished via GStreamer, MQTT, and other protocols.

NCS2 is ready for computer vision and artificial intelligence at the edge. The stick is a plug-and-play AL on the edge, ready for prototyping. Ubuntu and OpenVino come pre-installed on the Atomic Pi, including fixes where needed. This DK comes with pre-selected and downloaded models.

The Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2) runs on Movidius Inference systems and uses the OpenVino toolkit for AI development at the edge.

Basic functions

  • Work independently of cloud computing
  • Develop on Windows 10, macOS or Ubuntu
  • Prototyping can be done on inexpensive end devices
  • Excellent scale and properties on
    • Movidius Myriad X Vision Processing Unit
    • Outstanding performance per watt per dollar

Team IoT is on Kickstarter

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Neural Computing with an AI Development Bundle Running Intel NCS2

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