Panasonic PressIT360 The video conferencing solution gives workers the freedom to easily meet and collaborate wherever they are.

To support new ways to work together from the office and home, Panasonic has announced a revolutionary new 360Fr. video conferencing solution designed to relieve the stress of hybrid meetings. The intuitive Panasonic PressIT360 connects to a computer with just one USB Type-C cable and delivers stunning, high-resolution visuals with clear sound. The solution is an addition to the Panasonic PressIT family, with Panasonic Wireless presentation system PressIT already popular for collaborating in meetings.

Everyone has experienced how difficult and tiring it can be to participate in physical meetings when joining from a distance. Distant participants struggle to get the same attention from the group. The PressIT360 Meeting Camera overcomes these challenges and removes barriers between online and physical meetings without compromising on sound or picture quality, drawing on Panasonic’s unique ProAV experience in camera, microphone and speaker technology.

PressIT360 contains all the basic elements for easy hybrid video conferencing, including four integrated cameras with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 to provide 360Fr. horizontal view of the room, along with seven microphones and sound, with Panasonic’s unique recognition technology, which ensures that the speaker is always in clear view. PressIT360 emphasizes the picture of those who speak in front of the whole meeting group, framing a close-up of the person in the video meeting. This means that even remote participants can clearly see the expressions and gestures of the speakers – providing a much more natural and effective experience during the meeting.

Placed on a desk or in a boardroom, it can detect speakers up to 5M away and is equipped with echo, noise canceling and volume equalization to automatically adjust the sound quality whether the speakers are remote or in the room.

For easy setup and use, video, audio and power are shared to your computer via a USB Type-C cable. The volume and up to 5 video modes can be controlled using the buttons on the pedestal of the device. The use of the device is intuitive with operating condition, easily visible from the colored LED ring of the device.

The slim design (63.4 mm / 2.5 ”wide without pedestal and 285 mm / 11.3” high) makes it easy to carry in the office with one hand. Alternatively, it can simply be attached to a tripod or permanently mounted on a desk and fastened securely with Kensington locking slots.

“As colleagues work more and more from remote locations, it is more important than ever to be able to bring people together in a realistic meeting environment. This hybrid Panasonic meeting solution gives you the freedom to create and collaborate effectively – wherever you are, ”said Vanessa Lovrik, European Product Manager for Panasonic Visual Solutions.

PressIT360 will be available from July 2022. For more information visit:

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New 360O Video Conferencing Solution Takes The Stress Out Of Hybrid Meetings

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