Leading innovator of AM post processing solutions AM Solutions – 3D Post Processing Technology UK is pleased to announce that it has just taken delivery of its C1 system, which will be located at the company’s Customer Experience Center in Knowsley, UK . C1 now stands alongside a range of AM post-processing solutions in Knowsley and customers are invited to come and see them demonstrated and discuss which technology is best suited for their specific applications.

Colin Spelassi, Sales Manager at AM Solutions – 3D Post-processing Technology in the UK, says: “Our Customer Experience Center is based on the fact that we are aware that companies in the AM sector are increasingly having to evaluate technologies for maintenance required when using AM as a manufacturing technology. Simply buying post-processing technology off the shelf is unlikely to produce optimal results, so we invite customers to come in, see what technology options we have for finishing both plastic and metal AM parts, and discuss with our experienced team which solutions are best suited for specific products. The center is equipped with our range of AM post-processing solutions, which now includes the C1 system, and we can offer advice to ensure the perfect processing of your parts and carry out sample processing individually tailored to your specific requirements. This allows us to ultimately design the ideal process for you, which is a combination of the right machine system, the use of the right consumables and the right processing time required for optimal results.”

AM Solutions – 3D post-processing technology provides a range of automated post-processing technologies developed to overcome the sometimes slow, expensive and disjointed AM process chain and to ensure that AM is an efficient and viable manufacturing alternative to legacy manufacturing technologies . The company promotes innovative, customer-focused process development for AM operations and collaborates with customers to provide an optimal post-processing solution for each application.

The C1 system is an excellent tool for automated and cost-effective post-processing of photopolymer components. It is equally effective on precise functional components, design objects with extremely fine structures and complex prototypes.

Photopolymer-based AM processes are typically used when a higher level of detail or a particularly smooth surface is required, for complex parts and components, and for mechanical properties such as isotropy and watertightness. Support structures/resin are needed to securely fix a part to the print bed and to prevent internal distortion, and these supports are usually very thin and only lightly touch the build part. However, supports can leave traces when they are removed, which means that special post-processing technologies are required.

Spellacy continues: “In the C1 system, the perfectly adapted compound and interaction between mechanical and thermal effects results in extremely consistent, efficient and gentle removal of supporting structures / resin. The standard processing recipes already stored in the PLC controller can be individually modified and saved. In addition, our C1 machine contains various functions to ensure optimal use of the mixture and minimize operating costs. They include a filling level control system and an integrated saturation (contamination) sensor. Key process parameters such as temperature, cycle times and degree of compound contamination are continuously recorded and recorded with a data logger. This ensures full compliance with industry requirements in terms of quality control and consistency of processing results. With the C1 system now in place at our customer service center, we have a portfolio of post-processing technologies suitable for the full range of plastic and metal AM processes.”

AM Solutions – 3D post-processing technology is part of the Rösler Group, which has been an innovator of surface treatment and post-processing technologies for more than 80 years. Its range of AM post-processing technologies are focused on dust and support structure removal, surface smoothing, surface homogenization and polishing. The company also provides a wide range of consumables, meaning it is able to optimize the post-processing of parts by customizing the machine and media combination to perfectly suit specific applications. In this way, AM Solutions’ post-processing technologies promote exceptional quality, high repeatability of results and excellent cost effectiveness.



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