Wise-integration, an expert in digital power management for GaN (gallium nitride) and GaN ICs, has launched its first commercial product: the WI62120 120mOhm half-bridge power integrated circuit, which offers power electronics designers unprecedented levels of power density, efficiency, and profitability. Wise-Integration’s WiseGaN® family of power supplies includes the JEDEC WI62120-certified, 650V GaN integrated circuit on silicon with enhancement mode. It takes advantage of GaN’s inherent characteristics to increase current capacity, voltage breakdown and switching frequencies for high-efficiency and high-density power conversion applications ranging from 30W to 3kW.

“We are proud to launch our first WiseGan® product,” said Thierry Boucher, CEO of Wise-integration. “The 120 mOhm WI62120 is the most compact half-bridge on the market with a 6 × 8 PQFN package that maximizes customer benefits in terms of high power density, productivity and reduced material costs. We are confident that our customers will find it very useful in all ACF topologies and PFC-LCC architectures and that it will help them take advantage of the smaller, more efficient and more cost-effective power electronics.

Consumer (such as ultra-fast mobile and desktop chargers), electronic mobility, and industrial AC / DC power supplies and designs using Totem pole without bridge Power factor conversion (PFC), resonant converters with active bracket (ACF), resonant converters with two inductors and one capacitor (LLC) and synchronous step-down or amplifier half-bridge topologies are among the target market sectors.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a next-generation, high-bandwidth semiconductor technology that has become crucial in the development of superior power electronics. It is up to 20 times faster than silicon and gives up to three times more power (or three times more charge) at half the size and weight of silicon devices.

This built-in WiseWare® digital management software extends these benefits; Next-generation WiseGan® devices will combine features such as gate control, security, security and other designer-friendly capabilities in AC / DC GaN applications.


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