A new feature has recently been introduced in the Instagram photo-sharing platform, where users can respond with quick emojis. Now WhatsApp is also preparing to introduce a similar feature. According to a report, WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will allow users to respond quickly to status updates.

WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo said in its blog post that while the company is working on a feature to respond with message emojis, the app is also developing a feature that allows users to give quick reactions to the condition.

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How will this feature work?

Every time you see someone else’s status, you will be allowed to have an immediate reaction with many types of emojis. It will work the same way Instagram users react by clicking emojis like clapping, party pop, crying face and fire after seeing someone’s story.

Users are currently sending text messages after seeing someone’s status update, but now users’ experiences are about to change. WABetaInfo also shared a screenshot in its report, in which 8 new emojis for the reaction can be seen. This will include emojis such as a smiling face with heart eyes, a tearful face of joy, a crying face, folded arms, clapping hands, a party popper.

Function to allow chat on several phones from the same account

The instant messaging app is working on a feature that will allow users to chat on multiple phones or tablets from the same account.

The screen will prompt you to register the device you will use as your “companion” by scanning the code with your main phone.

Please note that no scan code is currently provided. Previously, WhatsApp could only be run through a desktop client or web browser.


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