Many discoveries and discoveries have been made in space over the last few decades. Whether it’s the discovery of a black hole or the discovery of the first planet outside our solar system. According to the study, the Milky Way may include four extraterrestrial civilizations that could attack our planet. Alberto Caballero, a PhD student at the University of Vigo in Spain, published a study earlier this month in the International Journal of Astrobiology, claiming to have identified “WoW! The signal. “

According to Caballero, the signal was a strange appearance of radio frequency energy that may have been generated by a sun-like star 1,800 light-years from Earth. It was first obtained from the Big Ear telescope at Ohio State University and has been called the biggest candidate signal for life on other planets since humans began searching more than 60 years ago.

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Caballero’s study “Assessing the Distribution of Malicious Alien Civilizations” has “some limitations,” according to the researcher. Caballero’s research has not been reviewed by other researchers, and the work is considered a “thought experiment.” He warned scientists not to use METI or “Alien Intelligence Messages” for fear of causing an alien invasion.

However, he said that such an incident occurs once every 100 million years, so humanity is probably safe for now. In compiling the analysis, Caballero studied human “invasions” in various countries over the past 50 years. He then applied this information to the number of known “exoplanets” in our galaxy, which is estimated by Italian scientist Claudio Macone at approximately 15,785.

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Caballero predicts that there may be four “malicious” alien civilizations based on the frequency of human warfare, which has declined over the past half century as technology evolves. “I wrote the article only about life as we know it,” Caballero told Vice. “We don’t know what the aliens think. “An alien civilization may have a brain with a different chemical composition and may not have our empathy, or it may have more psychopathological behavior,” he said. “I discovered this method of conducting [the study]which has limits because we don’t know what alien minds are, “he added.

Although there is no absolute evidence, the US government has seriously considered the growing signs of life on other planets in recent months. Last year, intelligence officials made a preliminary estimate that listed 144 sightings of planes or other devices flying at unknown speeds or trajectories. With the exception of one observation, there was not enough data to allow researchers to even identify the nature of the meeting.

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