ALRAD Instruments provides you with the latest innovative technology for thermal imagers from Workswell Infrared Cameras. The wide range of camera options covers thermal machine vision, automation, scientific, medical, agricultural, UAV / Drone, security and search and rescue applications.

Process and packaging applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries use new low-plastic solutions, including recyclable fibrous products and biodegradable hot melt adhesives – thermal inspection is increasingly being used to monitor and maintain QA levels in this area.

We also supply thermal chamber technology to the research and scientific sector. The Workswell range of Workswell Workswell WIC SC is a thermal chamber designed primarily for universities and research organizations. This camera offers a high resolution of 640 × 512 pixels, 60 Hz camera versions (9 Hz is also available for export), and an exceptional temperature sensitivity of 30 mK. The package includes two interchangeable lenses, an IP65 security kit, 2 × Workswell CorePlayer software licenses and a WIC SDK license to develop your own applications.

For the full range of Workswell thermal chambers, please click on the following link: ALRAD Thermal

NEW – Very high speed stabilized InGaAs shortwave infrared SWIR camera C-RED 2 Lite

NEW product line – First Light Imaging C-Red 2 Lite – Very high speed stabilized InGaAs shortwave infrared SWIR camera C-RED 2 Lite is the stabilized version of C-RED 2 that can operate at 600 FPS with 32-electronic noise when reading. To achieve this performance, C-RED 2 Lite integrates a 640 x 512 InGaAs PIN photodiode detector with a 15 μm pixel pitch for high resolution, which incorporates an electronic shutter with integration pulses shorter than 5 μs. The camera has no fan and is stabilized. It can also be water-cooled for better performance with an additional cooling plate. C-RED 2 Lite is specially designed for high-end industrial applications, science and surveillance.

For the full range of high-speed photo cameras with first light images, please click on the following link: ALRAD High speed low light cameras

Built-in vision from ALRAD

Embedded vision systems acquire, control and process image data without an external computer and therefore require much less space than traditional machine vision systems. The low size, weight, power and cost of embedded visual systems mean that almost any application can take advantage of the power of machine vision technology. Imaging Source offers system developers a wide portfolio of built-in vision products – from embedded development kits for initial prototypes to on-board cameras for ready-to-use applications, the key board options and camera interface are as follows:

MIPI CSI-2 motherboard cameras:

These on-board cameras feature The Imaging Source’s own 28-pin interface, offering system engineers maximum design flexibility.

FPD-Link III circuit board cameras:

Imaging Source motherboards with FPD-Link III interface offer the full functionality of MIPI CSI-2 motherboards, while allowing a cable length of up to 15 m.

FPD-Link III industrial cameras with IP67 housing:

Equipped with an FPD-Link III interface, these robust industrial cameras are fully compatible with IP6K6 and IP6K7 / ISO 20653 and allow cable lengths of up to 15 m.

Built-in development kits:

Built-in development kits for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano, NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX and Raspberry Pi 4 platforms are ideal for rapid prototyping.

Online exhibition Alrad

In April, the ALRAD team attended two exhibitions, the Drives and Controls 2022 exhibition in Birmingham NEC and the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference MVC in Milton Keynes. The exhibitions were an opportunity to showcase our capabilities in the fields of Machine Vision applications and process management integration with demonstrations of our integration of Machine Vision’s cameras, optics, lighting and software and visible, shortwave infrared (SWIR) and longwave infrared thermal) cameras. We also demonstrated high-speed web inspection with Linescan technology and 3D surface reconstruction.

At the UKIVA Machine Vision MVC 2022 conference in Milton Keynes, ALRAD presented the following two papers, which can be found on our links website:

Ian Alderton High Speed ​​Interface Technology for Machine Vision:

This presentation focuses on the popular GigE interface and the increase in speed and resolution that can be achieved with the latest cameras, in particular the Emergent Vision range of high-speed cameras using 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE and 100GigE interfaces.

Applications for automation and process control in visible and invisible wavelengths by Julian Parfit:

This presentation is a brief overview of some of the typical applications that can be solved with the components and systems that ALRAD Instruments provides to the automation and machine vision markets.

Our “Online Exhibition” section of our website includes a series of ALRAD presentations from recent exhibitions and conferences, please use the following link to see all our presentations: Online exhibition ALRAD

For more information on our range of components and systems for imaging and machine vision, please contact ALRAD’s friendly sales team at: +44 (0) 1635 30345 or email:

New – Longwave Infrared Thermal Camera Technology from Workswell

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