CipherHealth Announces CipherConnect: Conversational Engagement Solution That Uses Patient Data to Customize Engagement and Keep Patients Online
CipherHealth (@cipherhealth), an innovator in patient-centered communications, commitment and insights into national health systems, announcements CipherConnect, a new conversational engagement solution that automates the many manual scheduling, reception and virtual waiting tasks that consume valuable first-line resources.

FDB announces that the new electronic prescribing network of FDB Vela ™ is open to the veterinary industry
FDB (@FDB_US), a drug knowledge provider who helps healthcare professionals make accurate decisions, announcements that FDB Vela ™, FDB’s new, cloud-based ePrescribing network serving the entire healthcare continuum, will for the first time bring the benefits enjoyed by participants in the e-Prescription system – namely time savings, cost optimization and customer satisfaction – to the veterinary industry.

HGS Healthcare Introduces HGS Aging in Place Falls and Falls Prevention, two holistic, clinically proven and technology-driven support for older people living longer at home
HGS Healthcare (@hgs_healthcare) announcements the introduction of HGS Aging in Place Falls and Falls Prevention solutions, two specialized, comprehensive programs and service platforms that allow people to age on their own in their own homes by using their own vulnerability assessment and implementing individualized addressing interventions of weakness, cognitive decline, loneliness, daily life activities (ADLs), home and transportation problems, and coordination of health care needs.

IMAT Solutions launches new value-based products and services for payers, states and HIE
IMAT solutions (@IMATSolutions), providing innovative solutions for health data management and real-time health reporting, announcements that it has launched a new proposal dealing with the collection, aggregation, dissemination and reporting of health data.

Omnicell introduces innovative technology for robotic combination of IVX Station in the winter of 2022.
Omnicell, Inc. (@Omnicell), supplier of tools for drug management and adherence to health systems and pharmacies, announcements the launch of the IVX Station. This innovative solution is designed to scale the benefits of using robotic technology IV, making it available to the mass market.

SkyPoint Cloud launches new Lakehouse privacy and data solutions
SkyPoint Cloud (@skypointcloud), the Customer Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, which enables consumer, financial services and health brands to build deeper relationships with their customers, announcements new products that allow companies to build trust while developing a better understanding of their customer base.

Azalea Health launches Azalea Apps Marketplace to improve patient care and profitability
Azalea Health Innovations Inc. (@AzaleaHealth), a provider of cloud-based patient management and healthcare IT solutions, starts Azalea Apps Marketplace, a library of one-stop applications from approved third-party vendors that are integrated with Azalea Health.

Health IT Product News Report May 2022

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